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Big Wood Cooking is a USA based, family owned and operated company. Home cooking has long been a passion of ours and we strive to give our customers competition level quality without the price tag. Our products combine time-tested smoking practices with modern innovations and ideas. We are continuously working to meet the capability and flexibility you need to make your home cooking set-up complete

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It's true this is an expensive smoker. But if you appreciate high quality in a product's build, materials, and looks this one's got it all. The Big Wood smoker is a very high quality unit built to last and do a terrific job of smoking. I looked many other smokers out there in shops and online but in the end I decided to take the risk sight unseen hoping this would live up to it's hype. I was not disappointed. I could not be happier than I am with spending so much on a smoker. One other thing, Big Wood Cooking has provided  the best customer service  I have ever experienced. You can't go wrong  with Big Wood.


What’s not to like, I’ve tried every kind of smoker there is over the past 40 years, electric, indirect, direct, pellet, ceramics, you name it I’ve tried it.
I’ve had good success with just about every cut of meat you can imagine, but always seem to have failed miserably when it came to brisket.
I bought this smoker three months ago, my first venture was a pork butt, excellent, my second venture BB Ribs another home run. Afraid of yet another disappointment I waited a while and did a 15 lb, brisket absolutely fantastic. Just follow the advice on how to cook the particular meat you are salivating over and you can’t go wrong.
This is a 5 star product in every measurable category.

Barry W.

Great at maintaining temp in all weather conditions. Uses about 10 lbs of lump charcoal to make a 15 lbs brisket in a 10-12 hr cook. Good smoke on ribs to brisket as it is easy to maintain temp. Minimal learning curve.


The customer service is great! I had some issues and they were quick to resolve the issue. Smoked a couple of different things now and everything turned out great. Very simple to use and held temperature in 30 degree weather.

Mark R.
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